lunedì 3 luglio 2017

Health, at least 3 meals a day, a bright house nestled between trees, flowers and birds, the garden that bestows vegetables in return for just land, water, air and sun, hope for the peas planted today and their promise of fruits to come, the affection of so many people, a child who enchants me with his enthusiasm and spontaneity.
A hammock on which to swing, burning and smelling a cigar, the warm sun heating the limbs on a winter day, cheerful music, my favorite Cuban Salsas, the memory of a hundred dances that puts a smile on the face and permeates the body of cheerfulness.
Two healthy legs for strolling along the seafront, a multicolored sunset with the sun sinking and melting into the ocean's horizon, two jetties stretching far into the waters, its pastel colours, the flat but undulating surface, the sea breeze, half a moon, a casual encounter with a girl-friend, talking and understanding each other.
I celebrate you, Life ...

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